Ceramic Tile Cleaning

Ceramic tile should be cleaned and sealed every year for the best appearance; A simple visual test to determine if your tile is dirty, is to look at the grout inconsistencies. If the grout close to the wall (or a less used area) is lighter in color than the walkways, you most likely need a thorough cleaning.

Our Process

We use the most modern technology to clean grout and ceramic tile. We mop down a professional strength solution and using a high pressure spinner to loosen and remove the soil. We then extract the solution and soil, rinse and dry the tile. Once the tile and grout are dry, we apply a sealant over the grout. The result is a clean, brilliant surface that looks uniform in color and overall appearance.


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Ceramic Tile Cleaning Services Process and Procedures

1. Customer will be greeted by one of our expert carpet cleaning technicians and will be asked to walk through their premises and guide the technicians in the areas they would like the work to be conducted/performed in.

2. Technicians will inspect all Tile areas including grout to document any areas that will bring up concern such as cracked tile, missing grout, or damage to any areas. If grout is missing or tile is broken customer will be informed that the areas should be cleaned prior to replacement and new grout should be installed.

3. Cleaning procedures: Technician will apply down a fine coat of tile and grout cleaning agent to penetrate all grout lines and faces of tile. Technicians will then proceed to scrub all areas including grout lines to remove all soil and dirt. Wall sides and corners will be scrubbed with a light abrasive pads to ensure no areas of the tile floor was missed. Following that the technician will bring in a mechanical tool hooked up from the truck called a spinner. This machine is high pressure and will remove any remaining soil from grout and tile faces at the same time of extracting the cleaning agents. After all areas have been scrubbed the technical will then extract all dirt and remaining cleaning agents back into the truck to dispose of.

4. Drying procedures: After cleaning procedures have been completed technicians will place a air mover (fan) and mop up any remaining water or cleaning product left on the tile. Remain off the tile and grout for at least 24 hours to allow appropriate drying time but, if needed customer may walk on tile but to proceed with caution. Technician will explain that as the drying procedure is in progress the grout will brighten up once completely dried.

5. Technician will have customer inspect all work that has been conducted and proceed to answer all concerns or questions customer might have.

6. Customer must be reminded of drying instructions before technicians leave premises. Temperature should remain between approximately 72-75 degrees and air movement (fans) is recommended for the drying process.