Carpet Warranties

What Does Your Carpet’s Warranty and Cleaning Mean?

Many leading carpet manufacturers now require their carpets to be cleaned in a certain way in order to maintain their warranty, and they may also have requirements on who cleans their carpets.

When you’re considering a new carpet, be sure to review carpet warranties before making a selection. If you’ve already purchased a carpet, make sure you consider WHO is cleaning your carpet and if the company is qualified to clean your carpet to keep the warranty in effect.

Shaw Industries states: periodic professional cleaning of the overall carpet is highly recommended. The frequency of overall cleaning may vary depending on the level and type of traffic and the conditions to which your carpet is exposed. This may range from as little as 6 months to 24 months between cleanings. Your carpet should be properly cleaned at least once every 24 months to maintain its appearance and useful life.

Mohawk & Karastan carpet care and guidelines require their customers to professionally clean their carpet every 18 months.

To validate the warranties, the home owners must have proper invoice or receipt showing that their carpets were cleaned by a professional. When we clean your carpets, we will provide you with a receipt for your records.

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