Furniture / Upholstery Cleaning

We clean most upholstery including: sofas, chairs, sectionals, dining room chairs, office partitions, awnings, outdoor furniture, or just about any fabric or cushion. Furniture and carpet are arguably the most comfortable and most often used items in our homes. How many times have you, your spouse or kids curled-up on your sofa for a good movie. How many times have you worried about the number of dust mites that may be living in those fabrics…curling up next to you too?


Our Process

We use a hot water extraction process with a small wand to clean all sides/surfaces of the furniture. This is the same process we use on most types of carpet. Our normal cleaning process will remove the majority of dust, soil, bacteria and dust mites. Our cleaning process is the #1 recommended process by carpet mills and will not damage your carpet or upholstery the way other processes can.

Guarantee Carpet Cleaning uses mild solutions that are safe for children & pets. The next time we clean your carpets, ask our technicians for a quote to clean your furniture too. You will enjoy the feeling of fresh upholstery the next time you curl up for a good movie.


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